June 12, 2009

Audio Callibration Tips for Home Theater from THX

ElectronicHouse.com offers a helpful and informative article on callibrating audio in a home theater titled Five Easy Steps to Superior Home Theater Sound.

The article is an easy-to-follow and comprehensive look at what you can do to ensure the audio pumping through your Paradigm speakers is not compromised by secondary conditions and is maximized whether it's a two-channel set-up or a 7.2 surround configuration.

Quoting EH.com reporter Bob Archer on why audio callibration hasn't caught up to it's video cousin, "...the audio community has had a difficult time making the transition from two-channel to home theater, and its educational efforts have been primarily equipment-centric, which has limited the public’s knowledge on the topic of audio calibration."

Nice work Bob, hope to see more articles like this in the future.

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