July 1, 2009

Paradigm Electronics HomeTheaterHifi.com Factory Tour

A brief but informative overview of a recent Paradigm factory tour was posted on www.HomeTheaterHifi.com's new forum section they are calling the "Cave," by J. Andrew Yang.

We encourage Paradigm fans to join the forum and offer feedback on products and other home audio/video related matters.

One of the highlights from the article:

"The biggest thing that should strike anybody is the degree to which Paradigm is vertically integrated. R&D, design, prototyping and manufacturing are all conducted on-site for nearly every component. The driver voice coil, cone, caps, surrounds, spider, magnets and basket are all manufactured on-site. The inductors for the crossovers are wound on-site. Tool & die for the molding processes are fabricated on-site. The wood veneer is applied on-site. The list goes on and on."

Mr. Yang is right-on with his comments, speaker quality is our number one priority and there's no better quality-control than having every aspect of the process right in front of you.

A more in-depth Paradigm factory tour with images can be found here.

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