December 4, 2009

Jeff Fritz of UltraAudio vists Paradigm on his TWBAS - 'The World's Best Audio System' - Tour

In March 2009, six manufactures set up more than $250,000 worth of equipment in Jeff Fritz's custom-designed listening room to create The Worlds Best Audio System (TWBAS). But not only did Jeff enjoy the luxury of TWBAS, he also went on 'The Great North American Loudspeaker Tour' to visit the six TWBAS manufacturers' facilities. And in the middle of his 12 flights spanning over 8000 miles in a mere 12 days, he came to Paradigm. See his thoughts after spending the day with us below...

"If you own or are looking to purchase a Paradigm product, you can rest assured that your new toy has been through quite the process -- from inception to design and engineering, to manufacture, to testing, and finally to your door. I think I was as impressed by the Paradigm facility as I was the SUB 2 subwoofer. And when you read my review of the SUB 2 on October 1, well, you'll know just what that means..."

To hear about the rest of Jeff's tour and to take a peak into a day in the life at Paradigm, click here!

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