January 15, 2010

Paradigm & Anthem Recognized by Many for a Show-Stopping Demo at CES 2010!

With Paradigm Reference S6's, ADP3's, a C5, two of our flagship Signature SUB 2 subwoofers, Anthem LTX 500v Projector, the all-new BLX 200 Blu-Ray Player, Anthem Statement D2v Processor and the A2 & A5 Amplifiers, turns out it wasn't just 3D demos that caused line-ups at CES... Paradigm & Anthem were recognized by multiple reviewers for our show-stopping demo... not to mention a few broken lightbulbs along the way! See below:

Piero Gabucci of Secrets of Home Theater said "There is no better place to start coverage of CES 2010 than in the Paradigm/Anthem room on the 30th floor of the Venetian Towers. Why? Their demo is unrivalled." Click here to read more!

Paradigm & Anthem were also awarded "Standout Demo" status from the SoundStage! Network, going as far as to say... "In an industry where a company often has a hard time getting one product genre right, the best can get it all right. Paradigm/Anthem seems to have accomplished that rare feat." Click here to see what else SoundStage! had to say about our demo!

Gary Altunain of About.com gave Paradigm & Anthem "Best Cinema Sound Demo" commenting that we "had the best theater demo with thundering deep bass". Click here to read more on Gary's thoughts.

Jerry Del Colliano of HomeTheaterReview.com and homeaudiovid.com named Paradigm & Anthem "The best sounding demo I heard at the show". But not only was Jerry impressed with the demo, he also mentioned overhearing (and agreeing) with whispering dealers that said "they thought this Paradigm system was as good as a few brands costing double or triple the money." Click here to read specifics on Jerry's thoughts about our equipment in the demo.

Home Theater's Shane Buettner writes that our demo "... almost shook the Venetian hotel to the ground." But more importantly goes on to say that "The versatility of this system was extraordinary, bringing me to my emotional knees with an evocative KD Lang concert performance before shattering that blissful calm with a bonecrusher (ok, hunter-killer) scene from Terminator Salvation..." Click here to check out the rest of Shane's review!

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