January 19, 2010

Paradigm's Mini Monitor gets its Ego Stroked through Praise & an Award by The Absolute Sound

A LOT for a little...

Paradigm's Mini Monitor wins "Entry-Level Loudspeaker of the Year" for 2009 from The Absolute Sound while also receiving a rave review from Steven Stone!

A great review, Steven starts off by saying... "If I had a dollar for every time a young person said to me, "I need an inexpensive speaker that doesn't suck," I'd have enough money to buy all my under-20-year-old nieces and nephews Paradigm Mini Monitors. For $239 each, the newest iteration of Paradigm's second-lease-expensive speaker provides more than a taste of what music is like when played through speakers made by people who care about the sound of live music."

Later Steven sums up the Mini Monitors by saying..."I don't expect everyone who is looking for small monitor speakers to buy a pair of Mini Monitors regardless of how bad the economy gets. But even folks with unlimited funds may find much about the Minis that will encourage them to pick up a pair, or two, or three. The bottom line, which appeals to everyone, is that the Minis offer a surprisingly high level of sonic quality for a ridiculously low price."

To read Steven's full review on AVguide.com click here!

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