February 28, 2011

R&D and the Importance of Focus Groups

It's no secret that the Paradigm SHIFT series will include products in four categories: Powered Speakers, Earbuds, Headphones and Gaming Headsets. But other than powered speakers, all three remaining categories are completely new to our Paradigm engineering and product development teams. We are taking the research and development very seriously to ensure that these products can reproduce the same well-known Paradigm sound that has become part of the Paradigm identity. In doing so, we have invested heavily in testing equipment and the appropriate testing practices that guarantee the audio experience will follow the same reference curve that our customers have come to know and love.

In addition to the practices that ensure superior audio quality, we are also putting a strong focus on market research. History shows that we know how to make good-sounding and well-performing speakers but our customers know where and when they use their personal audio products as well as how they feel about them. We recognize that Paradigm Shift customers have different interests and experiences from our own and we want to hear those customers and provide a solution to what's missing from the equation."Why isn't there a company making x product?" or "why aren't there any brands putting an importance on feature x?"  And what better way to do so then talking to consumers first hand? 

So here we are in the midst of multiple focus groups and we are discovering all sorts of valuable information. We are learning what's important for these products and what isn't. We are getting insight on consumer knowledge, attitudes, behavior - you name it! - all of which will be translated into the product development process.

We've said it before and we can say it (with confidence) again, Paradigm Shift is going to have some seriously bad a$$ products!

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