July 19, 2011

"Baby brother it may be, but Paradigm's SUB 1 still packs plenty of punch" - Techradar.com

"Awesome engineering leads to
some seriously powerful bass"
After being totally blown away (almost literally) by the SUB 2, Adam Rayner of Techradar.com came back for more, but this time it was to test out the SUB 2's "baby brother", none other than the Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 1. Calling it the "cute clone of the Hexagonal Hell that its big brother embodies" Adam was impressed by baby brother's capabilities.  Here are some highlights...

Perfect Bass via Paradigm's Perfect Bass Kit (PBK):
"The resulting performance was amazing. It was as if an audio expert with a real-time analyzer and some serious time had hand-tuned the entire room. I revelled in that oh-so-hard-to-describe joy of bass that is seamless with the rest. Tight, snug and enveloping, with all the cinematic edge and tension, but without any woofly room overlay."

"...There's a lot of use of deep throbs in the LFE feed to create tension as well as the de rigueur use of explosions and gunplay. It was exquisite."

"The SUB 1 proved equally delicious with music. If offered polite aplob and a lovely underpinning effect to tighten up the res of a stereo sound stage... and all while holding its own melodic grip."

"I have no hesitation in recommending Paradigm's product to anyone hunting for a top-flight woofer. Especially if they like a bit of style to go with their substance."

4 stars by TechRadar.com!

Click here to read the full review of  the SUB 1 by Adam Rayner of TechRadar.com

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