October 24, 2011

CEDIA EXPO 2011 - A Raging Success and a whole lotta fun for Paradigm & Anthem!

It would be impossible to say that CEDIA 2011 was anything but a success for Paradigm & Anthem. With the introduction of many products (and product lines!) three active demos and sneak previews of multiple unreleased products, the booth was buzzing with excitement and the mass amounts of show coverage by the press is proof of that.

A photo of the Paradigm & Anthem booth after hours

Paradigm introduced the all new Monitor Series 7 speaker line and showed off their acoustic muscle in a 7.4 demo for hundreds of show attendees. Also highlighted was the Millenia LP low-profile on-wall L/C/R, which hung proudly snug to the wall ...

Paradigm's Erin Phillips shows off the skinny Millenia LP

Paradigm introduced the new Cinema speaker line and had the Cinema 100's and Cinema Sub on demo and display in the Paradigm & Anthem living room...

Paradigm's NEW Cinema line on display & live demo in the Paradigm & Anthem living room

Paradigm also provided a sneak preview of the upcoming Monitor Series subwoofers flaunting wireless and PBK capability and thin-bezel Designer Series in-walls.

Anthem introduced the state-of-the-art Statement M1 amplifier. Boasting 1 kilowatt into 8 ohms and only 1 rack unit in height, this powerhouse is the most powerful, slender and best-value amplifier on the market! Anthem also previewed the upcoming AVM 50v 3D and D2v 3D preamplifier/processors.

Anthem reveals the 1000 watt monoblock  Statement M1 amplifier

Also at the booth was the first ever listening bar from Paradigm SHIFT.  With all three earbuds (E1, E2m, E3m hooked up to iPad stations and the A2 powered speakers pumping tunes straight from a mixdeck, visitors tapped their feet and bobbed their heads while indulging in good quality audio catered to their individual musical preference.

The Paradigm SHIFT listening bar demoing three earbuds & A2 powered speakers
An up close shot of the Paradigm SHIFT E1 earbuds and A2 powered speaker

And last but not least, Paradigm & Anthem were nominated and received many industry awards this year.  Don't believe us?... here's the list:
Paradigm Reference MilleniaSub awards on display
    Erin Phillips & Mark Aling accepting EXC!TE awards for Paradigm & Anthem

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