November 4, 2011

MilleniaOne & MilleniaSub "bulldoze the notion of underpowered 'lifestyle audio systems' with astoundingly clear, full sound from a tiny package"

Caleb Denison of Digital Trends reviewed the Paradigm Reference MilleniaOne 5.0 speaker system with matching MilleniaSub plus Paradigm's Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) room correction system and PT-2 wireless transmitter. After careful review, Caleb gave this system a 9/10 and the Editors' Choice award!

Below are some of our favourite excerpts from Caleb's review...

"The Paradigm MilleniaOne 5.0 speakers and MilleniaSub bulldoze the notion of underpowered “lifestyle audio systems” with astoundingly clear, full sound from a tiny package."

"The MilleniaSub is not your daddy’s subwoofer. Its oval shape throws dust in the face of those that believe a subwoofer must be a bland, bloated box bound to clash with a room’s décor. The shape isn’t just fun to look at. It’s also functional in that it allows the sub to be tucked into places other subs just won’t go. The sub can be erected vertically on its provided stand, laid on its side and slid under a table, couch and even mounted on the wall."

"The MilleniaOne and MilleniaSub pairing smash any preconceived notion of what a “lifestyle system” is meant to be. Paradigm hasn’t just taken some cheap parts and coated them in a shiny shell here. Instead, the company has taken the high road and delivered a well-built, highly musical sound system that just so happens to look fantastic as well. The system is pricey: Expect to pay $1250 for a set of 5 speakers and $1399.00 for the sub. That said, you get top-notch audio gear in a décor-friendly package that will almost certainly be the envy of your friends and neighbors. As such, we gladly offer this system our Editor’s Choice award."

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