January 27, 2012

Paradigm's Monitor 9 Series 7 system earns S+V's "Certified & Recommended" Stamp of Approval along with a 9.7/10 Stellar Review!

Daniel Kumin of Sound + Vision reviewed a pair of Monitor 9 floorstanding speakers, Center 3 and a pair of Surround 3 speakers all from the Monitor Series 7 lineup matched with DSP-3200 subwoofer and gave it the "Certified & Recommended" stamp of approval.

Here's a snippit from the review... "Paradigm has remained in the loudspeaker performance/value forefront for decades, a position that’s not going to change with the Monitor Series 7...the Paradigm system reviewed here is ridiculously good... it delivers natural tonal balance, serious bass extension, impressively clean dynamic range and transient punch, and tight, stable imaging in generous, well-balanced measure, with cosmetics and fit’n’finish that will satisfy most and should offend none. Unhesitatingly recommended."

Click here! to read Daniel's review of the Monitor Series 7 system.

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