April 30, 2012

Paradigm SHIFT A2 Earns "Highly Recommended" Stamp of Approval from AVForums.com (Plus a stand-out review!)

AVForums.com reviewed the Paradigm SHIFT A2 powered speakers and liked what they heard... A LOT... Enough to give them the AVForums.com "Highly Recommended" stamp of approval! AND, in fact, they compared the A2 to an iPad...
"The Paradigm Shift A2s struck me as having a certain iPad quality. You think you don't need or want the A2s, until you've spent a while using them. You slowly realize there are so many situations where they can fulfill a role, you start to wonder what life was like before.
...A new reference for us, but a wonderful one to say the least! Here are some more excerpts from the review...
"A2s have a very clean, very smooth treble, that treads a fine line between delivering enough detail to sound interesting, whilst not sounding dull. Sibilance, which particularly draws the ears attention to treble nasties and therefore treble level, is very well controlled, but not at the expense of squashing the shimmer and shine from cymbals, or the tinkle of bullet casings."
"The midrange is similarly butter smooth, without ever grating even at consistently high volumes."
...Not too shabby on the mids and highs, but what about the lows? Read on...
"Depending upon the level of playback, bass performance is quite remarkable for a speaker of this size. It is very deep and clean and, if positioned sympathetically, as tuneful as any mini monitor you will hear. Of course, the positional caveat applies to all speakers, but the extra depth on offer is only something that can be offered by an active speaker. With the performance envelope of the driver and it’s matching amplifier known, the extra extension can be offered without risk to the mid/bass driver.  At all volumes, it is tight and controlled and tracks changes of notes like a numismatist, the grip and texture a fine demonstration of what true active amplification brings to the party."
 ...Ok awesome, so the A2 proves strong in terms of highs, mids and lows - score! Now let's talk dynamics...
"...the other definitively active quality of the A2s, is their dynamics and rhythmic timing. With the phase vagaries of a passive crossover side-stepped, notes at all frequencies start and stop at the same time. The leading edge of sounds are less time smeared, intensifying the dynamic swing, with the greater control of the driver describing the decay more precisely."
... There is so much more we could share, but we would much prefer that you take the time to click here! and read the AVForums.com review in full.

For more information on the Paradigm SHIFT A2 or to buy online click here! 

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