June 20, 2012

"The scale of sound this package delivers is epic" - AVForums, UK on the Paradigm Cinema 100 CT

AVForums.com in the UK tested out the Paradigm Cinema 100 CT and were pleasantly surprised with the acoustic muscle the compact system has. In fact, the Cinema 100 CT had enough 'WOW' factor to earn it the AVForums "Best Buy" award.

The review is a great read, but here are some highlights to entice you to click the link at the bottom...

Forget the Specs and Listen!
"Forget the paper figures and go audition it if you're in the market, or spend the rest of your life wondering what if?"

"... the Cinema 100 CT will work happily with any decent AV receiver, it will make the most of the power on offer, it will move the room when asked and will do it all in a seamless blend between all of the speakers. Crucially, it will feel bigger and more exciting with movies, whilst sounding more complete with music than its peers, whose form my be bound by the function."

"... few can approach the Cinema 100 CT's delivery of scale with such authority."

"With the seamless contribution of the left and right Cinema 100s blending the acoustic with the rock solid image of the centre, it was a palpable presence in the room."

"The Cinema Sub should be lauded here, as it not only failed to to mark itself out with unwelcome waffle, but proceeded to lend ample weight the the opening bars of the orchestra with a fine texture to the massed strings."

"... the combination of the Cinema Sub and Cinema 100 satellites really showed their combined metal, with the introduction of the rock band overlaying the orchestra. The extra dynamic capabilities the larger mid/bass drivers of the satellites deliver in the upper bass, really delivered the drums with a punch and snap, accelerating the piece from the dramatic, but stately swell of the opening bars."

 "Tonally, the Cinema 100 satellites tread the familiar Paradigm balance of being pretty much neutral, with just a hint of top end lift to provide a bit of sparkle, whilst remaining impeccably clean."

"... few can approach the Cinema 100 CT's delivery of scale with such authority."

An Epic Conclusion
"The scale of sound this package delivers is epic, relative to the real estate it asks you to give up to accommodate it."

"A friend of mine who is convinced there is no such thing as too many watts, cones, or any other such other quantitative quality, probably summed it up best after I gave him a quick blast of something excessively loud and full of explosions; he said and I quote "It's all there, isn't it." Very true."

To that we at Paradigm say, why thank you! And... we're blushing.

Click here! to read the full AVForums.com review.
Click here! for more info. on Paradigm Cinema speakers.

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