July 30, 2012

***** 5 STARS ***** for the Paradigm SHIFT A2 from HomeTheaterReview.com

At CES this past January, Andrew Robinson of HomeTheaterReview.com came to visit the Paradigm and Anthem booth and stopped at our listening bar to hear the Paradigm SHIFT A2 powered speaker. He was intrigued by the brief demo, enough so that he asked if we could send him a pair in the "ever-classy" Gunmetal Gray Gloss finish, for review.  Today, Andrew's review was published at HomeTheaterReview.com and we could not be more pleased (in fact none of us can stop smiling) with the 5 star knockout review! Here's a snippet, but we encourage you to read the full review...

Tell us how you really feel Andrew...
"The A2 powered loudspeaker, reviewed here, is arguably the Shift Series' crowning achievement and, as I would find out, possibly the best all-round loudspeaker Paradigm has ever made."

A Leader in Any Application
"As a desktop speaker, I'm not sure there is better to be had. As a pro-style monitor, the A2 can more than hold its own against industry stalwarts such as Yamaha and company. As an on-the-go, portable music-friendly speaker, the A2 is also phenomenal. As an audiophile or home theater speaker in small to medium spaces, get out of here."

"Simply put, the A2 is a fun, fun, fun mother #*&!!! loudspeaker that just so happens to also sound fantastic."
Value & Versatility
"The value proposition on top of it all only cements things in my eyes, for its internal amplifiers, connection options and included kit make it among the most versatile loudspeakers I've ever encountered. The A2's build quality is superb, its finish is flawless and, with the help of a few more mounting accessories, its reach, I feel, could be almost endless. Provided you don't ask it to do too much, i.e., fill too large a room with ear-splitting sound, the A2 is a fantastic achievement of loudspeaker design and worth every penny of its modest asking price."

Simply the Best
"Simply put, the A2 is a fun, fun, fun mother #*&!!! loudspeaker that just so happens to also sound fantastic."

"Pound for pound, the A2 is one of the best, if not the best, audiophile or home theater products I've encountered this year." 

...Simply put, we are speechless.

Click here! to read the full A2 review at HomeTheaterReview.com.
Click here! for more info or to buy the A2 online.

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