October 15, 2012

PC Mag gives the Paradigm Millenia CT 4.5 Stars, Editor's Choice & 1 of 10 Best Computer Speakers!!

When working so closely with an exciting new product and 'drinking the Kool-Aid', sometimes we at Paradigm forget that perhaps not everyone will think something is quite as awesome and exciting as we do. And so, after the introduction of the Paradigm Millenia CT 2.1 speaker system on Apple.com and Apple.ca last month, we have been anxiously awaiting the publication of the first industry review. Last week, we found out that Tim Gideon at PC Mag had completed his review and it was posted to the world. Our hearts skipped a beat as the web page loaded... what did he think? Did he think they were awesome? ...And then the page loaded and our hearts skipped more than just one beat...

4.5 stars!? (heart beat skipped) Editor's Choice?!?! (heart beat skipped) One of "The 10 Best Computer Speakers"?!?!? (heart beat skipped twice!)  It's a wonder how we didn't flat line!! 

This isn't just 'awesome' and 'exciting', it is 'awesomecake'!! (Confused Silence)... Sorry, we are at a loss for words and according to Urban Dictionary 'awesomecake' is described as:
Awesomecake: A situation or occurrence which brings forth feelings of 1) joy, 2) elation or 3) excitement in the one who experiences it. Used to describe those rare situations which are "beyond awesome," and therefore require the inclusion of something ELSE awesome (such as cake) to capture the fullness of just how great and amazing it is.)
Anyway, it sure feels good to drink the Kool Aid and know it's real. If you want to drink the Kool Aid too, read up on what PC Mag had to say...

Click here! to read PC Mag's review of the Paradigm Millenia CT.
Click here! to read PC Mag's article on the "The 10 Best Computer Speakers".

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