December 14, 2012

"Sounds Like A Million Bucks" - Truly Gadgets on the Paradigm Millenia CT 2.1 System

Truly Gadgets reviewed the Paradigm Millenia CT and were big fans of this plug-and-play 2.1 system. How do we know? Our first hint is the headline of the review, which is: "Paradigm Millenia CT: 2.1 That Sounds Like a Million Bucks". Here are some of the other hints...

"We've listened to a lot of speaker systems... but this one is among the best."

"Right out of the box, we were im­pressed at the build qual­i­ty- these are dense, fair­ly heavy pieces of gear, but still sur­pris­ing­ly small. At about eight inch­es tall, they're not much big­ger than your av­er­age com­put­er speak­ers, and can eas­i­ly fit even on a desk. But the weight gives a def­i­nite clue: these bad boys pack a punch!"

"And the Mil­lenia CT (which stands for Com­pact The­ater) can eas­i­ly fill a large room and prob­a­bly go loud­er than you are in­ter­est­ed in hav­ing them go."

"One big ad­van­tage of the Mil­lenia CT ... im­pres­sive sound­stag­ing, with much big­ger sound that sur­rounds a lis­ten­er. Prop­er set­up and ori­en­ta­tion is key, but a 2.1 sys­tem of­fers a lot more bang for the buck."

"The sub­woofer shook the floor... def­i­nite­ly punch­ing way out­side of the weight class. Ex­plo­sions, es­pe­cial­ly, were im­pres­sive, and in first per­son shoot­ers... we loved the sounds of gun­fire, and deep or­ches­tral sounds with in­di­vid­u­al­ly-iden­ti­fi­able in­stru­ments. Each foot­step jumped out."

"It's worth the pric­e tag, and is a gor­geous ad­di­tion to any com­put­er sys­tem or home au­dio set­up."

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