January 15, 2013

Two share-worthy reviews of the Millenia CT on Innerfidelity.com and CNET by Steve Guttenberg

Steve Guttenberg recently reviewed the Millenia CT and liked it so much, the review made its way on to Innerfidelity.com and CNET! Here are some great quotes from both reviews. If you have the chance to give both reviews a read, we highly recommend it!

"Major Mojo: Paradigm Millenia CT Desktop Speakers":

"Though it was designed with home theater in mind Paradigm's publicists assured me the sound would click on a desktop. I was a little skeptical, but as soon as I had the system up and running the sound was right on the money, even when I was sitting a mere 30 inches away from the sats."

"The little system will happily play really loud, far, far louder than I normally play on my desktop, and they never sounded like they were running out of gas... the Millenia subwoofer can massage your soul."

Click here! to read the full Millenia CT review on Innerfidelity.com.

"...a significant performance upgrade from even the best sound bar":

"...if you listen to music more than you watch movies, the Millenia CT performance advantages over sound bars' loom large. Sound bars do their best with movies, and rarely sound great with two-channel music. The Millenia CT is equally adept with rock, jazz and classical music."

"Performance-wise it's a big step up from the very best sound bars, for about the same price or less."

Click here! to read the full Millenia CT review on CNET.com.

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