March 5, 2013

"...the best subwoofer I have ever heard, nothing even comes close." - Tom Jung about the SUB 2

Tom Jung of the Everything Audio Network reviewed the Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 2 and his only complaint was "it's a heavy brute". Beyond that he gave it a 'stellar' review along with not one but two "Stellar Sound" awards! Here are some teasers...

First Impressions
"Wow! The Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 2 gives a whole new meaning to the word subwoofer. I figured it would be good, but the SUB 2, from a company I’m quite familiar with, created a subsoinc bass speaker class by itself. It is that good."
"I can’t say I’m surprised that Paradigm would come up with what is widely acclaimed as one of the best subs — if not the best on the planet. Not only has Paradigm been designing and building great subwoofers for many years, but the engineers have the technical chops and the resources to set a new standard in low-end reproduction.

Perfect Bass Kit (PBK)
"Paradigm engineers did their homework with the PBK. It really works well!... The Perfect Bass Kit set up was a snap and worked so well that I never tried any different locations or ran the set up again."
The Audition
"Within the first couple of seconds of that first depth charge explosion, I knew the SUB 2 was a game changer. The entire room shook and the leather in the theater chairs flapped like they were in a giant wind storm."
"I should point out that I normally use four subwoofers in my room, but for this review I removed them; the single SUB 2 more than replaced them, adding so much more below 20 Hz. And the Paradigm relayed, as much if not more, 30 Hz and up bass level. I have never experienced low-frequency extension like this before. The SUB 2 easily goes down more than an octave lower than what I am used to hearing from what I consider to be really good subwoofers."
"With every low bass effect, these ultra-low frequency experiences were something new, hearing and feeling sounds that don’t normally come from speakers or woofers of any kind. Even the finest movie theaters do not go where the SUB 2 goes — with low frequency extension of 7Hz (DIN)!"

"Never once during my time with the SUB 2 did I hear anything that resembled distortion. The power supply is so smart it can tell the amplifier not to go louder if it is getting close to tripping a breaker."

The Verdict
"No question about it this is the best subwoofer I have ever heard, nothing even comes close. For some the SUB 2 will add two to three octaves of low end to an already good system. For movies, it stands alone, just amazing bass performance for even the largest of home system rooms. For music it all depends on the recording and the music, but with the best recorded jazz and classical, it can be impressive as well."
"I'm going to miss that bass. For its gut-wrenching, low-bass performance, it deserves the Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award; maybe two."
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