March 28, 2013

"We thought the Millenia CT was good. Wait till you get a load of these!" - AVForums on MilleniaOne CT

After their recent review of the Millenia CT and how impressed they were by its aesthetic and audio abilities, AVForums couldn't wait to find out how the MilleniaOne CT compared. Or as Mark Hodgkinson of AVForums put it, "Considering how blown away we were with the 'vanilla' CT will this model take it One step beyond? Frankly, we're itching to find out."

*Spoiler Alert: The AVForums "Highly Recommended" award badge shown below may give it away. Needless to say, we encourage you to read on for some telling quotes...

No Comprises
"For many the recently reviewed Millenia CT system would be considered at the high end of the scale in terms of the convenience 2.1 package solution market. But Paradigm has never really been about compromises and, here in the MilleniaOne CT, is their ultimate effort to bring a proper Hi-Fi flavour to the burgeoning lifestyle audio market."

" degrees of magnitude, far above that of any other such products we've tested."

What Weakness?
"It’s undoubtedly a lifestyle system with the Apple TV style control box and on-board amplification yet its performance is, by degrees of magnitude, far above that of any other such products we’ve tested. Much of that improvement comes courtesy of - what is for the class – a megaton 14-inch subwoofer but the main speakers are impeccably clear and precise also. We’re honestly struggling to think of any weaknesses to highlight... in terms of beautiful audio reproduction, it's exquisite."

A Wolf in (Black) Sheep's Clothing
"The MilleniaOne most definitely is a cut above what is still an excellent 2.1 system and it’s largely thanks to the added refinement – not to mention oomph – of the subwoofer... a wolf in (black) sheep’s clothing, if ever we heard or saw one!... we could push the sub up to its peak level without losing anything. No mean feat but this is no average 2.1 package."

"struggling to think of any weaknesses to highlight."

Undoubted Musicality
"Put simply, if the MilleniaOne CT had some more traditional audio inputs, you would be far from ashamed having it run as your Hi-Fi stereo system. It’s absolutely all there in terms of detail and the MilleniaOne will dish it up as loud as the average could need, or indeed take."

"Given the undoubted musicality of the MilleniaOne it shouldn’t be surprising that movie scores were delivered with absolute grace with even complex orchestral pieces are given the Paradigm spit and polish."

Nothing Better
"If you really haven't the room for a 5.1 system but like the idea of packaged convenience without any sense of concession, we really can't think of anything better than the MilleniaOne CT... Do we really have to give them back?"

If not wanting to return them is their only complaint, we'll take it!

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