April 30, 2013

Esquire recommends Paradigm Signature S2 speakers for a good 2-channel stereo system

In a recent article from Esquire's May 2013 issue, Peter Martin suggests ditching the dock and investing in a good 2-channel stereo system:
"With the right stereo system, you can stop listening to music and start experiencing it."
And what does Esquire recommend for a more budget-friendly 2-channel speaker? ... Paradigm's Reference Signature S2! 
"Unlike most of the docks, AirPlay speakers, and TVs tuned to satellite radio that many of us use to listen to music, a component stereo system plays songs the way artists meant for them to be heard: clear and full, with a depth that makes listening to an album feel like being at a concert ... Start by finding your speakers. They have the clearest sonic fingerprint of any component..."

Click here! to read Esquire's article on best component stereos. 
Click here! for more information on Paradigm's S2 speakers.

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