April 24, 2013

"Quite possibly the best sub-one-thousand pound [dollar] Soundbar package, bar none" - AVForums

After receiving two brag-worthy reviews for the Millenia CT and MilleniaOne CT, AVForums wanted more, this time exploring another newbie to the Paradigm family, our first powered soundbar and subwoofer package, the Soundtrack System (or as AVForums put it, 'a slice of convenient class'.)
Though that comment may give it away, here are some of the note-worthy clips from our latest review...

Crisp & Mouth-Watering Bass
"Paradigm gained a lot of their early reputation in the subwoofer market with big bruising war machines of ground-shaking capabilities and whilst the unfeasibly neat sub in this package can’t lay claim to that kind of performance, it does shock in just how accomplished it is."

"If we take an apples versus apples approach and compare with other subwoofers that form part of a soundbar package, then the Paradigm Soundtracks’ is a Granny Smith as opposed to a Golden Delicious – crisp and mouth-watering against superficial and slightly insipid. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with a good Golden Delicious, just that a Smith is ultimately more satisfying."

Thud & Thunder (With or Without Wires)
"For those wondering if a wired sub arrangement might be preferable to the default wireless configuration, we’d say it seemed to matter little, if any. We at no time sensed any latency between mid/high and low frequencies with the sub putting up a performance of expertly timed thud and thunder."

Beautifully Taut & Warm
"So, with the low frequencies far more than adequately taken care of, the rest is joyously reminiscent of what the Millenia CT’s are capable of. The beautifully taut tweeters seemingly never quaver, even when taken to the extremes of electric guitar or the top-end of a good falsetto."

"On a slightly different tack, but similarly indicative of the mid and high range performance, the guitars and harmonics... emphasised a relationship with the Millenia CT’s internals, by way of that added touch of warmth."

Above: Soundtrack System score card from AVForums

An Absolute Peach
"...we’ve expended quite a lot of page space to the Soundtrack’s musical capabilities when the likelihood is that, for most users, its primary designation will be to replace those shameful little wimps, masquerading as speakers, that populate your flat panel TV. Do we really need to tell you? OK, silly question, but it’s surely far from flabbergasting for you to learn that the Soundtrack System is an absolute peach (enough with the fruit, already) when it comes to movies and television."

"Paradigm’s slice of superior sound was able to demonstrate its full versatility, never losing it with the bass notes and locating effects with admirable precision and immediacy."

Formidable Engineering
"Paradigm has brought to bear its formidable engineering resources to deliver a soundbar package equally at home with music as it is with movies and TV... it’s beautifully composed and impressively capable of providing precise effects localisation."

"In fact, for our money, it’s quite possibly the best sub-one-thousand pound [a.k.a. dollar] Soundbar package, bar none."

Delightful! We'll take fruity analogies any day if it means another review like this one! As always, we encourage you to read the full review for details. Click here! to do so.

Click here! for more information on the Soundtrack System or to buy online.

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