July 18, 2013

Paradigm Launches New Consumer Website!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Paradigm consumer website! After undergoing a complete redesign, Paradigm's new website offers vastly improved navigation, an intuitive dealer locator and emphasis on high-resolution photography.

"We’ve listened to feedback from our customers, dealers, family and friends, and based on that feedback have made some dramatic changes to our Website,” said Justin Bright, Director of Digital Marketing for Paradigm. “The new Paradigm website isn’t just a refresh - it has been re-tooled from top to bottom. Navigation is easy and consistent, finding a local dealer is more intuitive, and with emphasis on high-resolution photography, the overall look and feel is simply stunning.” 
Justin Bright, Paradigm's Director of Digital Marketing

Thanks to the new user-friendly design, researching Paradigm products online is effortless. Paradigm product pages now include retail pricing (North America only), allowing potential buyers to research sound solutions that fit their budget. There are also product specs, reviews, and downloadable literature a click away on each product page. Paradigm understands that it can be hard to appreciate the beauty of its products online - especially when looking at a tiny screen, and has increased focus on product photography. Now every product has its own gallery linked to stunning high-resolution images on Flickr that lets the user see every detail without squinting—just click on the "gallery" tab when looking at any product.

The navigation of Paradigm’s new website has also seen a major overhaul. The product search feature has been built from the ground up, so whether the user is new to the world of high-end audio, or a die-hard Paradigm fan, it’s easy to find the perfect sound solution, with tons of help and tips along the way. Paradigm has also created four distinct product collections to help users find a sound solution that fits their specific application and budget, which are: 

  • Signature Collection: As good as it gets! Paradigm’s flagship collection delivers the ultimate in
    music and home theater performance with stunning aesthetics.
  • Reference Collection: Step-up performance. Reference quality sound and style, advanced components and an exceptional performance-to-value relationship.
  • Classic Collection: Our affordable audiophile lineup. High-performance products for music and home theater that represent truly exceptional value.
  • SHIFT Collection: Legendary Paradigm sound, anywhere. Easy-to-use products with emphasis on portable, wireless and fully-powered speaker solutions.

Paradigm’s dealer locator has also been completely revamped, making it easy to find where to buy any Paradigm product. Finding the closest Paradigm dealers is instantaneous, with automatic Google geolocation services based on location. Users can also narrow their search even further by selecting a product collection to find dealers that carry specific models.

Customers that want to keep track of their purchases can now use a simple online product registration tool, and in the coming months will be able to review their product experience on Paradigm.com for other customers to see. Considerable emphasis is placed on talking directly with customers and fans, and a new Social tab is located in the top navigation, giving visitors easy access to Paradigm’s active Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Flickr and YouTube pages.

Of course, Paradigm’s fantastic customer support is also top of mind, and we’ve added a Support tab with links to many resources including: information about the company, technology, warranty, career opportunities, high-resolution images, manuals, literature and much more. Also included in the Support tab are all of the methods customers can use to contact Paradigm directly. 

To navigate through the new website, please visit: www.paradigm.com


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