August 29, 2013

Digital Trends gives Paradigm's Soundtrack System Editors' Choice award and a 4.5 Star Review!

When we introduced the Soundtrack System, Paradigm's first powered soundbar and wireless subwoofer combo, Digital Trends was eager to get their hands on a system for review. We gladly accepted and sent a system off to Ryan Waniata who had this to say...

"We’ve all heard the saying: If something is worth doing, you might as well do it right. Paradigm seems to agree. The family-owned company is meticulous in its speaker design, using high-end materials and committing long hours to R&D before it lets its speakers see the light of day. So when we heard Paradigm had recently turned its focus to the highly-competitive game of sound bars, we took notice."

"A real taste of high-end in a pint-sized package"

"The sound bar is loaded with mouth-watering components like mineral-filled polypropylene cones and satin-anodized aluminum tweeters. And it’s paired with an aluminum 8-inch subwoofer with class D amplification for 300 watts of peak power. Boom. After cruising the test track at Paradigm’s manufacturing facilities (which include a 36,000 cubic-foot anechoic chamber), this tandem team has finally been deemed ready for duty. But tech aside, just how well does a sound bar have to perform to
make it worth eight of your hard earned Benjamins? We took the system on a rollercoaster ride of audio auditions (and emotions) to find out.

"One of the best compact speaker systems we've come across"

Movies & Media Performance
"From the moment we began using the Soundtrack as our TV’s primary sound system, we were treated to rich, clear audio, bursting with detail and riddled with the subtle nuances that draw the user in and enrich the experience... the system created a gorgeous balance between its strong command of the delicate intricacies of speech and sound effects, and a potent, musical force in the heavier moments of action that made everything we played more vibrant and realistic."

Fanfare of Midrange Power
"The sound bar created a fanfare of midrange power, pushing the stereo boundaries of its cabinet to fill our entire room. Jet and helicopter fly-bys cast poignant sweeps through the stereo image, and we even enjoyed some pleasant moments of sound jumping clear off the front wall, catching the sides of the room."

"The subwoofer is a thing of beauty in itself, and we loved the exposed driver at the back... the subwoofer showed a brilliant command of the low end, blending seamlessly into the lower mids with barrels of warmth and offering some titanic blasts from explosions as well."

"We can't think of a better addition to your home theater"

Music Performance
"The Soundtrack also doubles as a serious machine for engulfing yourself in your favorite tunes. We tested the Soundtrack over several genres from our music library and its penchant for detail, dynamic response, power, and clarity made it one of the best compact speaker systems we’ve come across."

Ear-Crushing Electronica
"We started with some electronica and hip-hop, which quaked with thick waves of sound, while the upper register struck with pinpoint accuracy. Pushing the system to ear-crushing levels, we heard no distortion."

Acoustic Breath
"Auditioning some of our favorite acoustic tracks from Mumford and Sons and Elliott Smith, guitars were offered with fine, pointed attacks that carved out glinted edges to the melodies. Vocals had a dry and present response, with the same breathy definition we’d heard in dialogue from movies and TV."

Vibrant Rock
"Moving on to classic rock, we were treated to ornate percussion, with ride and crash cymbals ringing tangibly close, washed in a draught of tape saturation. Paul Simon’s “Late in the Evening” offered plucky pops from woodblocks that jumped right out at us like a 3D effect, while the horns were sweet, stinging, and vibrant."

Paradigm's Soundtrack is a no-brainer.

"The Paradigm Soundtrack’s fine detail, warm and powerful low end, and dynamic stereo image combine for a suite of sonic brilliance that far exceeds its sound bar status. Aside from pony-ing up for a full blown hi-fi surround system, we can’t think of a better addition to your home theater. And the system’s elegant and convenient design should be a welcome in any room, regardless of the size. If you’re looking for a real taste of hi-fi sound in a pint-sized package and you’ve got the cash, Paradigm’s Soundtrack is a no-brainer."

We're delighted to hear that Digital Trends not only loved the Soundtrack System, but that it earned Digital Trends prestigious "Editors' Choice" award and a rating of 4.5 stars!!!

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