October 16, 2013

"...Simplicity and flexibility in a good sounding soundbar system" - Secrets of Home Theater on Paradigm's Soundtrack System

Upon the product's release, Jim Milton of Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity was very interested in the Soundtrack System, so we sent one over for him to test drive. And after reading his recently published review, we are delighted that we did! Read the review and we think you'll agree. Below we have gathered some of Jim's thoughts...

"Paradigm has been making their own speakers for over 30 years and has garnered multiple awards for speaker design and sound quality. When a company with this type of reputation makes a soundbar system, you as a consumer have certain expectations that need to be met... So what does Paradigm, a major award winning Canadian speaker company, offer to this fast growing market segment?"

Quality Packaging & Easy Setup
"My review sample arrived with very high quality packaging and after several minutes of carefully unpacking things, I had it set up in about 15 minutes. The instructions are easy to follow and since there are not a lot ofaccessories to mess with, I think the average person would have the system up and running without difficulty.

"I used the learning remote feature and was able to control all of these features with my Samsung TV remote. The learning process was very quick and easy and makes life easier for you and the others that access your TV."

"The sub can be configured with wires if you so choose, but the wireless option provided the most flexibility for placement. All of this and the amplifier fit inside a nicely shaped ABS molded enclosure that mimics the shape and style of the soundbar."

"Wireless connection is achieved by holding down a button on the back of the sub and waiting for a blue light to appear. Once connected, you normally never have to repeat the process again... The sub, as a whole, is quite compact and can easily be placed just about anywhere in your room that meets your needs."

Sounds Like & Soundstage
"An ideal soundbar should be able to engross you in the action on the screen by providing good dynamic range (crystal clear highs and thunderous bass) and perhaps more importantly, intelligible dialog. I am happy to say that the Soundtrack System does these two things very

"Streaming most of my TV watching from Netflix and Hulu Plus, I can say that the overall presentation was very good and having a single digital cable from the TV to the soundbar made for a fool-proof set up process."

"Moving on to music, with a wire Bluetooth dongle, the Soundtrack can stream music from you iPhone. This makes the Paradigm a good choice (over the ZVOX) for those of you that want to listen, and not watch your favorite entertainment. Music sounded very good, especially acoustic instruments and female singers."

"The Paradigm sounded great with both classical and rock music. Stereo separation was very reasonable for a bar that only has several inches between the R/L channels. I liked that the Soundtrack does not offer any enhanced "surround" features like most other soundbars. Frankly, it just didn't need them. It was able to cast a wide soundstage all on its own without any manipulating.Volume wise, it could blow you out of the room before any distortion and straining takes place."

"I liked the Soundtrack System. It falls in between what I would call the mid-price range for what soundbars are currently selling for. It provides better bass than most entry level systems offer while delivering ample volume and clarity for movies and TV viewing.... It has multiple mounting and placement options coupled with a sleek, well finished design that will look good in most room decors."

"The Paradigm Soundtrack delivers in those two areas that I find to be most important: clear dialog reproduction and broad dynamic range. If you are looking for simplicity and flexibility in a good sounding soundbar system, the Soundtrack may well be what you are looking for. "Good sound" always sounds good to me."

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