November 7, 2013

"...The Paradigm Soundtrack System is both a steal and a top performer" -

"I was impressed right out of the gate with the Paradigm Soundtrack System"
Jerry Del Colliano of, recently moved and in doing so, wanted to pimp out the audio in his bedroom. As a Paradigm Signature fan boy, he asked if he could test out our Soundtrack System 2.1 powered soundbar and wireless subwoofer and of course we said yes. Below is a summary of his experience...

"Even with high expectations and tastes acclimated to the best Paradigm has to offer, I must say that I was impressed right out of the gate with the Paradigm Soundtrack System. It's not finished in glossy piano black or blinged out with fancy mounting hardware, but sonically it fits right in with the pleasing, dynamic and accurate Paradigm sound. "

"it is just too good to take off my wall"
"Let's put it this way: you would have to be deaf to think that TV speakers are okay when comparing the possible sound quality that you can get with the Paradigm Soundtrack System soundbar. In listening to traditional two-channel music through the Apple TV, the most noticeable effect you get is that 'Paradigm Sound,' which I was scared might have been lost in such a cost-effective, mass-market product."

"I was impressed with the richness of Alex Lifeson's guitar tone, as it sounded warm, coherent and full in ways that I simply hadn't heard from a soundbar - even the ones costing $2,000-plus."

"The space of the soundstage was notably wide when listening to the impeccably recorded "Deacon Blues" from Steely Dan's Aja. The jazz-like shuffle allowed you a good chance to hear the details of the snare drum being stroked. The Chicago-like horns sounded layered and full."

"One refreshing element of the 2.1 Paradigm Soundtrack System is that it never gets too harsh, even when you are pushing it. In the opening scene of The Dark Knight on Blu-ray (Warner Bros.), the crash of the Joker's school bus into the bank was both bombastic and resolute, even at high levels..."

Soundtrack System earns 4.5 stars from HTR
"I've loved the time that I spent with my Paradigm Soundtrack System...  The Paradigm Soundtrack System can hang - not just on your wall, but performance-wise, with soundbar/sub combos costing well more than twice the price."

"And isn't that the Paradigm model - to deliver twice the performance for half the price and watch the consumers spend their money. Coming from someone who's owned the top speakers that Paradigm makes, I can say that the Paradigm Soundtrack System is both a steal and a top performer. I can also tell you that I am cutting the check to own the sucker, as it is just too good to take off of my wall, even if I had over $1,000 more to invest."

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