January 17, 2014

"This is what speakers are supposed to sound like." Why Dennis Burger chose Paradigm's Studio Series for his Reference Home Theater Speakers

Dennis Burger, renowned writer in the audio industry was looking to upgrade his Reference speaker system and reached out to us to inquire about the Studio 100s and CC-590. Of course we were honored that Studio was top of mind. As a result, Dennis wrote a piece about how he came to choose Paradigm for his reference system.

"I’ve never really found another affordable speaker system that made for such an effective baseline and better fit all of my fussy criteria for what a reference home theater speaker should be. Until, that is, Paradigm’s Studio 100 towers and Studio CC-590 center speaker made their way into my home theater system."

"...this shouldn’t be read so much a typical speaker review as it is a lengthy and laborious explanation of why I chose Paradigm’s Studio 100 towers and Studio CC-590 center speaker as my new reference home theater speakers. And I grow more confident every day that this was the right decision."

"They’re beautifully neutral, they integrate wonderfully into my room with no fuss or muss, they hit a perfect performance-to-price ratio for me, they’re a lovely match for my Anthem D2v AV processor and A5 amp, oddly enough, they actually sound better when clothed, and quite frankly they make an exquisite benchmark against which to compare all other speakers I review going forward. When a speaker excels in one more more areas, it’s easy enough to spotlight those points. But with speakers like this, which excel in every area, I probably could have summarized these 2500 words with but one pithy sentence: This is what speakers are supposed to sound like. And my wife thinks they’re gorgeous. You’d be amazed at how important that can be."

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