April 7, 2014

"The perfect setup for someone wanting great sound on a modest budget." TONEAudio on Paradigm's Monitor Series 7 & Anthem's MRX 510

Jeff Dorgay of TONEAudio was looking for a great 5.1 system including electronics under $5,000. Monitor (being our most popular budget friendly series), seemed like the most logical choice and because our sister company Anthem just came out with the new line of their MRX receivers, we were able fulfill their wish! We decided to ship TONEAudio the Paradigm Monitor 9, Center 3, Surround 1 and SUB 10, along with the middle of the line MRX 510. Rob Johnson and Jeff Dorgay completed the system review and published it in Issue 62 of TONEAudio magazine. Here are a few of the highlights...

"Paradigm and Anthem both produce quality audio equipment at reasonable prices - Anthem on the component side and Paradigm on the speaker side. The two sister companies (to which MartinLogan is also a sister company) are based in Ontario, Canada, and their complementary product lines allow buyers to piece together a home-theater system with speakers and componentry that pair well together."

"One of my favorite features of the system is the wireless subwoofer. Older systems require a long wire connecting the digital processor to the sub that is an eyesore at best and a stumbling hazard at worst. It’s nice having the option of placing the sub behind the sofa where it’s out of sight, and where it also offers a tangible rumble to the listening seat."

On with the Show

"The opening scenes of James Bond films always dazzle the viewer with action sequences, and Quantum of Solace on Blu-ray does not disappoint. The sounds of car chases, machine guns, and explosions complement the visuals wonderfully. The shattering of a windshield during a particularly nasty car collision surprises me with the subtle tinkle of glass raining down on metal and concrete. It’s a level of detail and delicacy that I hadn’t been expecting." 

"In stereo mode, Steve Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's Blues and Sunrise retain sold sonic imaging across the width of the perceived stage, with layering in the distance."

"While more expensive stereo or home-theater equipment may offer greater realism and detail, the price-to-performance ratio of this whole system is exceptional. The Anthem proves a great complement to the Paradigms, providing plenty of punch and sonic synergy so that no particular frequency range stands out in the mix."

"Go ahead, make my day." 
"While $5,000 is certainly not chump change, in the world of hi-fi that investment often only gets you one stereo component. Alternately, that same money can provide a complete home-theater setup that offers great quality, performance, and value.

"For those seeking a single home audio/video solution, this Anthem/Paradigm combo gets you the best of both worlds: a solid two-channel setup and a 5.1 surround- sound system—just add audio and video sources. Plus, with unobtrusive looks and the ability to hide the subwoofer, you’ll forget the system is even in the room so you can get lost in the depths of a movie."

Additional Listening - by Jeff Dorgay 
I’ve got about five grand to spend for everything. Can I get a killer home-theater system for that much?” Yes you can. At the numerous tradeshows I’ve attended around the world, Paradigm and Anthem always have the most impressive displays with systems offering performance on a level I’d expect from gear with much, much bigger price tags."

"The Paradigm speakers are easy to place, and thanks to the ARC, you don’t have to be quite as fussy as you would without it. And did I mention that this setup moves some major air? Explosions and car chases are awesome, with plenty of heft. But even when watching my favorite episodes of Ren and Stimpy, the little bits of classical music playing in the background still float delicately around the listening space."

"In short, this is the perfect setup for someone wanting great sound on a modest budget. Best of all, Anthem and Paradigm are sister companies, so you know everything will work well together."

 Click here! to download Issue 62 of TONEAudio for the review. 
Click here! for more info on Monitor Series 7 speakers.

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