August 14, 2014

"It is in fact the best sound-system-in-a-box I've come across so far" - Brian Florian on Paradigm's Soundtrack 2 System

After reviewing (and enjoying) the original Soundtrack System, Secrets of Home Theater was anxious to give the second iteration a go. So we shipped off a system to Brian Florian and recently he published his thoughts on the Soundtrack 2. Below are a couple of quotes that summarize his overall experience...

"Paradigm hit a sweet spot delivering a product which satisfies... cost & sound quality"

"Paradigm distinguishes themselves by making the most of what is possible within both the fiduciary constrains, as well as the engineering challenges of the form factor. It is in fact the best sound-system-in-a-box I’ve come across so far south of a kilobuck."

"While it's not a stretch to think that the Soundtrack 2 might be bested by a pair of the company’s own Mini-Monitor speakers coupled to a modest receiver, there is a plethora of people who have no interest in a bunch of big boxes and the rat’s nest of wires which come with, and who just want better sound than what their TV is giving them. For such applications Paradigm has I think hit a sweet spot delivering a product which satisfies both in terms of cost and sound quality."

Click here! to read the full review by Secrets of Home Theater.
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