September 23, 2014

4 Stars for the Paradigm Millenia CT 2 from Sean Killebrew of Home Theater Review

In a recent review of the Paradigm Millenia CT 2, Sean Killebrew of Home Theater Review awarded it with 4 stars and compared Paradigm to a successful restaurant! Read on for details...

"Those who are familiar with Paradigm and have experienced the sound quality of their speakers understand that this is where the company hangs its hat. That's not to say that their products suffer in terms of aesthetics or general form factor; it's simply that, while a company like Bang and Olufsen might focus on aesthetics, Paradigm begins and ends with performance. Paradigm begins and ends with performance. The Millenia continues that tradition of exemplary sound quality."

"I was a bit shocked to realize that the CT 2, despite its relative affordability, is remarkably revealing... I was immediately hit with a brilliant reproduction of the song. The mids and highs were compelling and warm, and the imaging was better than I'd expect from a system of this ilk.

"... while you can't replace dedicated surround speakers, the Millenia handled the smoke and mirrors of creating surround sound from two speakers as well as any system I've heard."

"... the Paradigm did an admirable job of conveying all of the action and dialogue without sounding muddy or distorted, even at higher volume."

"While $899 is certainly not a drop in the bucket, when you take a hard look at the Millenia CT 2's price-to-performance ratio, it starts to make sense.... you can find plenty of competition in the three-channel plug-and-play realm, but you're just not going to find many that look and sound as good as the Paradigm. This is how Paradigm has done so well across its product line. It's akin to running a successful restaurant, which is to say: make it look nice, serve up a memorable experience, and don't insult us with your pricing. The same recipe seems to be working just fine for Paradigm."

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