February 11, 2015

Digital Trends Recommends Paradigm Soundtrack 2 to make your TV Sound as Big as it Looks

Digital Trends wants to help you make your TV sound as big as it looks and to do so, they suggest some excellent sound bar systems including our very own Paradigm Soundtrack 2!

From Digital Trends...

"As the modern “less is more” aesthetic gains popularity, sound bars have become a coveted item among home theater enthusiasts. The advantage of this option is that it lends itself to a sleek, unobtrusive look, while bolstering the anemic sound systems of many modern TVs. Of late, the move to ultra-thin, clean styling has left less and less space for speakers, as manufacturers favor stunning visuals over heart-stopping sound."

"Fortunately, the best sound bars can give you both. These space-saving speakers are now self-powered and provide their own amplification. As such, there’s no need to carve out space for a home theater receiver, making the bars a logical fit for those with limited space. Boxy floor-standing speakers just aren’t practical when square footage is at a premium. Whatever your reason for going the sound bar route, you’ll want to make sure you choose the brand and model that best suit your entertainment system."

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