May 21, 2015

New York Times Recommends a short list of Soundbars including the Paradigm Soundscape

The New York Times recommends sound bars as an easier alternative to home theater systems and suggests the Paradigm Soundscape. 

"Paradigm’s $1,500 Soundscape includes four built-in low-frequency speakers for deep bass. For those who would still like to use an external subwoofer, a wireless receiver is included that attaches to any existing subwoofer unit. At 42 inches in length, the 20-pound Soundscape offers rich bass and crisp sound. When I tested it, I heard music that I had been missing from my TV’s internal speakers. Two listening modes are offered: one for surround-sound movies and another for two-channel music."

Click here! to view this article on by The New York Times.
Click here! for more info on the Paradigm Soundscape.

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