February 1, 2017

Paradigm PW Amp Review: This DTS Play-Fi Amplifier Will Bring Out the Best from Your Speakers

"There’s no need to mince words. Hands down the total performance of the PW Amp has to be heard to be believed. The PW Amp with ARC is nothing short of magical and brought peak performance out of each setup I used it in."

"Paradigm’s PW Amp does something that the competition just can’t: deliver hi-res audio streaming to your speaker setup that compensates for the anomalies produced by your room-speaker interactions. Whether it’s a standalone system or a whole-home audio solution with multiple zones, you’ll be hard pressed to find a solution that makes your setup achieve its full potential. In fact, I liked the PW Amp so much that it’s going to find a permanent place in my home setup. I can’t think of a better recommendation than that."

Read the full article from Tech Hive, and visit our website for more information about the PW Link.

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