August 21, 2018

How Do You Get Great Sound Without Disrupting the Décor of the Room?

Your home is decorated, and now it’s time to add the home theater system of your dreams to the living room television, but space is a challenge. You have your receiver and amplifier, but the room is just not big enough for floor standing speakers. Also, your significant other does not want “ugly speakers” as part of the decor. For any audiophile that cohabits with a non-audiophile, getting the sound you want that the decorator in the family likes is a challenge. There is hope. If you are struggling to find a compromise on your home theater with your significant other, here are three ways to overcome the standard objections to adding a sound system to a display.

1. Do we need speakers? We purchased a new TV. Today the speakers on the new televisions are on the back of the display. This means, when they are mounted on the wall, which the typical way to put the tv in the living room, the speaker sends the sound to a wall, then it bounces off. The result – horrible sound. A quality speaker designed to accompany the displays will redirect the sound while improving the quality and the experience of your new television.

2. I do not want a speaker sitting on the table under the TV or around the room. Getting the ok to rest a speaker on a piece of furniture or have floor standing speakers around a small living room can bring on harsh words. Avoid this conversation by purchasing speakers that blend seamlessly with the display. Décor speakers are available in both horizontal/sound bar and side-mounted / vertical configurations. Speakers can be combined to create a slim, elegant, high-performance audio system that is customized to the exact height and length of any wall-mounted, flat panel television. This is a custom-built speaker that will seamlessly blend with your display to not take away from the aesthetics of the room. 

3. We cannot have true surround sound, so why bother? While surround sound may not be possible, improving the sound from your television with a Décor speaker is the perfect solution. The Décor line of speakers come in one, two, or three channel specs giving you the flexibility to use any size television and match it with high-performance Paradigm home theater audio, without worrying about mismatched aesthetics or poorly blended sound.

With these tips, you should be able to come to a compromise on getting the quality sound you want in a sound system that does not disrupt the look of your living room. See our full Décor line on our website to see all the options available. 

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