March 8, 2010

Reference Signature SUB 2 Rocks The Bristol Show

Paradigm & Anthem made an appearance at The Bristol Show, Bristol UK, February 26th - 28th.  We showed off Paradigm's new Reference Signature SUB 2 in our demo room and boy did we rock it! - and the feedback was incredible. Well not that there was feedback per say, but you get what we're saying!  Check out a few of the quotes below to see the post-show gossip in some of the UK forums...

"Anthem D2v, Paradigm 7.2 speakers & x2 SUB 2 - was great & it demonstrates how good the Anthem ARC room correction really is."

"The SIM 2/Anthem/Paradigm room was, for me, the most impressive - great visuals and better sound."

"Paradigm SUB 2 is just awesome, no other word to describe them, with 4500 watt amps & x6 10" drivers"

"The SUB 2 was insane!!"

"I went up yesterday. Sim2/Anthem/Paradigm demo was superb. First time I have seen or heard a high end system like that and boy was I impressed." 

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