June 7, 2010

Expertly Matched! - Dean Seislove about the Paradigm Reference Studio 20's & Seismic 110

Dean Seislove, of Positive Feedback reviewed the Paradigm Reference Studio 20's and the Seismic 110 and couldn't get enough of this combo...

"The Seismic 110 and the Paradigm (Studio) 20 v.5s bring out the best in each other, all to the good for the fortunate listener who needs a full sound without sacrificing a lot of floor space... Paradigm speakers, and the Paradigm 20s in particular, are famous for a reason. Excellent design, impeccable quality, and highly involving sound is hard to accomplish, and if you want a sound that brings out the neighbors to peer over the fence to check out the party, give a listen to this highly potent combination."

About the Seismic 110, Dean commented that "Granted, the Seismic 110 (which reminds me either of a squatty black bulldog or an old fashioned beer keg, I can't decide which) has a lot more fun loosening floorboards... I never once felt like the bass was crowding me out of my chair, if you know what I mean."

Seislove complimented this duo in the most flattering way possible when he said "... this subwoofer is matched so expertly with the Paradigm (Studio) 20s, it's as if they were all of one piece, a much better integration of sub and speakers than any configuration I've every had in my listening space."

To read the entire review from Dean Seislove, click here!

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