June 2, 2010

Music-Making Naturals! Signature S8 Seduces Golden-Eared Audiophile, Marc Mickelson

Marc Mickelson of The Audio Beat reviewed a pair of our prestigious Paradigm Reference Signature S8's and had A LOT to say about their engineering and music-making ability.  Read on! ...

"The 1" P-Be (pure-beryllium) tweeter is a technical marvel... It would not be boasting to say that the P-Be tweeter is one of the most advanced high-frequency drivers ever made."

...But not only did the highs impress Mickelson... "This transition from tweeter to midrange was handled well, the two drivers sounding like one. This is vital to suspending disbelief, a poor transition or sonically mismatched drivers ruining any possibility of achieving realism, at least for me."

"There is a great deal to admire about Paradigm's best-of-the-best effort, including dazzling treble region, thanks to one special tweeter, a well-integrated midrange, and nimble, deep bass. Diligently set up, these speakers convey space, including height information, better than most and better than some that cost many times their price, and they transport you into the unique sonic world of each recording in an exhilarating way."

"I've yet to hear a sub-$10,000 speaker that's better than the S8 v3, and I've heard many, many that are far more expensive and not nearly as accomplished in both general and specific ways. In fact, the quality of the music-making and the reasonable price of Signature S8 v3 render some of its more expensive and esoteric competition irrelevant."

"Golden-eared audiophiles, and especially the audio press, need to hear these speakers, perhaps again and again, so that the music-making abilities of Paradigm speakers sink in."  .... and we agree! Sounds like these speakers did their job in seducing yet another esteemed audiophile.

To read Marc Mickelson's full review of the S8's click here!

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