June 14, 2010

"Reference Status" says AVForums.com after reviewing our prestigious Signature SUB 1

Russell Williams of AVForums.com in the UK reviewed the Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 1 and it blew him away - (almost) literally.
 "Reference Status. There, I said it. You can't mark it down for being hard to move because so is my wife and I still keep her about. Like the wife, in just about every other respect, it's just so damn easy to live with. Whereas other subs may have you fiddling about with separate movie and music settings to bypass their deficiencies, you just plug the Sub 1 in, tune it once, put the microphones away and sit grinning like a nun who's found the soap; for hours on end."

All jokes aside, Williams then went on to say, "I never thought that movies needed a bit more bass or that music sounds a little bloated – It just did accurate bass, as loud or low as you could want, and then stopped exactly when it wasn't being asked to anymore. It never drew attention to itself in an unpleasant way; it turns itself on and off without missing the beginning of an effect; and looks gorgeous in any front room."

 To read the rest of this fun review on AVForums.com by Russell Williams click here!

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