June 30, 2010

Signature S6 v.3 System Wins SoundStage! "Reviewers' Choice" Award

Roger Kanno of the SoundStage! Network, reviewed the Paradigm Reference Signature S6 system, (including Signature S6, C3, ADP3, SUB 1 and PBK) and called it "...an absolutely stellar combination of loudspeakers."  In fact, SoundStage! liked this system so much, they announced it winner of the "Reviewers' Choice" award!

"For both movies and music, each component of the Signature v.3 system performed flawlessly. The S6 v.3's were spectacular, whether on their own or as part of a 5.1-channel system. Some manufacturers' center and surround models seem afterthoughts, but the C3 v.3 and ADP3 v.3 matched the performance of the incredible S6 v.3 note for note. Add to all this a truly world-class subwoofer in the SUB 1, which includes Paradigm's sophisticated PBK-1 room-correction system, and it's hard to imagine a better home-theater speaker system at any price."

To read the full Signature S6 system review from SoundStage!, click here!

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