September 8, 2010

Introducting a NEW member to the esteemed Paradigm Reference family... the MilleniaOne

Paradigm is proud to announce an addition to it's esteemed Reference line, the all new (drum roll please!) ...  MilleniaOne

This satellite speaker, debuting at CEDIA 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia later this month, fills the gap for a compact 'Reference'-quality (a.k.a. high-end!) system, to a line with an outstanding reputation. 

But don't be fooled by the pixie proportions, this speaker has GIANT sound!  Borrowing driver technology from it's big sister, Paradigm Reference Studio v.5, the MilleniaOne sports the same S-PAL (saton-anodized pure-aluminum) domes and cones.  Available in Black Gloss and White Gloss and sold as 2.0 and 5.0 (with a horizontal center) each pack ships with matching bookshelf stands and on-wall brackets so you can incorporate these gems into any configuration you choose.

Wanna know more?  ...This is just a sneak preview because we couldn't wait any longer to show off the MilleniaOne but soon Paradigm will feature the MilleniaOne with more information and images on our website.

For now Click here! to check out a great article by Julie Jacobson of CE Pro who interviewed our very own Mark Aling, Marketing Manager to find out more details.

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