April 12, 2011

"The better a speaker is, the dumber it will make you look" - Cory Potts on the MilleniaOne, MilleniaSub & PT-2 Wireless Transmitter

Cory Potts of Secrets of Home Theater reviewed the Paradigm Reference MilleniaOne speakers and MilleniaSub and concluded that this system has great value and neutral sound so convincing, it can make you look dumb! Read on for some of our favourite quotes from Cory's review...

"The first thing that strikes me about this system is this: nothing . . . at least not at first. In true Paradigm fashion these speakers, generally speaking, are fairly neutrally voiced with a smooth sound, though-laid back, that is very reminiscent of my own larger Studio 20s."

"The Millenia’s sound is very natural, laid-back yet realistic in the true spirit of Paradigm speakers. My family puts the 2 yr old twins to bed before watching TV and my wife can attest that there were numerous times where a baby crying in the background of a TV sitcom had us both sitting forward on the couch proving my theory that “the better a speaker is, the dumber it will make you look.”"

"The value proposition is usually where high end speakers begin to come apart, but not Paradigm. Understand that in the realm of high end speakers it is a common occurrence to have to ante up twice (thrice?) as much money for a negligible difference. Compare these to any similar sized satellite speakers at the local big box store and I will be blown away if you can find anything that comes remotely close to this speaker for the money."


The Sub
"It may seem terribly obvious to some of you but one of the best ways to conceal where the bass is coming from is to conceal the speaker that it is coming from. Paradigm is onto this idea with the invention of a sub that is basically just a smidge larger than a PS3. The possibilities of hiding this are endless when paired with the (PT-2) wireless transmitter (just keep a line of site with the receiver). It could go behind a plant, under a couch, loveseat , recliner, coffee table, end table, inside decorative baskets, inside open entertainment centers, inside air handler return grills (I’m saving all the really creative ones for Paradigm’s “Hidden Sub” contest…if they ever have one.)"

"I also found out how musical this sub really was as it handled a great deal of soundtrack information below the 100 Hz mark"

"The intended audience for this system is very simple. Someone who desires high end sound without cashing in the kid’s college fund or taking up valuable floor space with refrigerator sized floor standing speakers. If you want to spend a little more and have a little more room, I can attest that Paradigm also has other equally attractive options. Paradigm’s claim for all of their speakers is that they provide “an audibly better product”, and when a barely audible difference is worth several magnitudes in price, an audibly better product is really all that matters. Bottom line though: For those on a budget and who have a small room, the Paradigm MilleniaOne's are "keepers". Add a subwoofer, and call me in the morning."

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