April 25, 2011

"Tremendous low bass response, build quality ...and PBK is just icing on the cake" - John Gatski

John Gatski got his hands on our Paradigm Reference SUB 15 and put it to the Everything Audio Network test. Given that it earned the "Stellar Sound Award", we think it's safe to say we passed!

As a current owner of the Paradigm Reference Servo 15 (and big fan might we add), we were excited to hear what John had to say about it's successor.  Here are a few highlights taken from John's review...

Impressive Bass Correction
"The PBK confirmed my room's fairly uniform... but the PBK compensation allowed correction of the low-bass diip to give me flat response from 20 Hz. Pretty slick!"

"With the PBK setup active, the SUB 15 could easily crank 100 dB at 20 Hz. (I had to wear ear protection during the measurements and all sorts of things in the house began to vibrate.)"

The Audition
Comparing the Servo 15 and SUB 15 side-by-side, John concluded that the SUB 15 demonstrates increased bass energy under 25 Hz, benefits of PBK compensation, more percussive impact, sonic effect as well as more quick and natural, cleaner, lower and perceptually louder bass especially between 20 and 30 Hz.

"The SUB 15's impact was tremendous with a five second subsonic blast of room vibration and pictures rattling on walls two floors away (according to my wife). Wow!"

"No lingering flabbiness like many ported subs I have tried. The acoustic suspension design helps keep it clean sounding."

The Verdict
"A great big Stellar Sound Award for this speaker; it is Everything Audio's new reference subwoofer" 

To read John Gatski's full review of the SUB 15,
Click Here and scroll to April 7, 2011

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