November 24, 2011

Why choose Paradigm SHIFT earbuds?

With a market flooded with hundreds of earbud brands, why in the world should you choose Paradigm SHIFT series over the rest? You can fuss over the design, colors, tangle resistant cable system, added features like smart phone functionality or additional accessories (all of which we did, don't get us wrong).

But at the end of the day, there is one obvious reason that Paradigm SHIFT stands above them all and that is the simple fact that audio should sound as good as it looks. Seriously, why else are you buying earbuds to begin with? You want to hear what you are playing on whatever device it may be and ultimately, you want it to sound good, real good, right? We hope so...

The SHIFT series derives from Paradigm, a world renowned brand of home theater speakers. Speakers known for their incredible sound at extremely good value. Speakers that were designed, engineered and manufactured in our 220,000+ square foot facility. A facility that houses an engineering and design team, anechoic chamber, machine shop, injection molding machines, wood shop, testing equipment, assembly lines, marketing and advertising teams, technical support and customer service agents ...and more! This place is not for show, it's jam packed. Audio is what we do and we do it well. Want to see for yourself? No problem, click here! to check out a recent Paradigm blog post with photos and commentary from Sound & Vision magazine's tour of our headquarters.

Did you see it? Do you get it now? ...Ok, ok back on track. "So why does all this matter to me?" you may be thinking. And our answer to that is: "because Paradigm SHIFT is no exception!" Through the investment in advanced testing practices (meet Angelina below), the E1, E2m and E3m have been critically tuned to Paradigm's Monitor, Studio and Signature series speakers - three of the most popular and highly-regarded speaker lines within the audio industry, throughout our dealer base and to our customers alike.

Above, appropriately named Angelina, (our head and torso simulator) 
tracks in-ear frequency response curves for Paradigm SHIFT earbuds.

So as your friends talk-up their own earbuds, or you research your options online, or maybe you're perusing the shelves of your nearest audio store, just remember that SHIFT earbuds were carefully researched, designed, crafted and sonically matched to guarantee that your music and movies be accurately recreated (in your own space), the very same way that the producers and directors had hoped they would be.

For more on the SHIFT series or to buy online visit our website:

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