November 28, 2011

Paradigm SHIFT's A2 named "Favorite New Speaker" in HomeTechTell's Holiday Gift Guide

We are proud to see the A2 powered speaker make HomeTechTell's Holiday Gift Guide but are truly honored that Dennis Burger named the A2 his 'favorite new speaker of the year'!

"They may not be perfect (I still grr every time I have to reach around the back to adjust the volume), but whether connect to my iPhone, my turntable, or straight to my PC, the A2s are definitely my favorite new speaker of the year. Especially for the money. At just $279 apiece, these little active Atoms boast a size(and price)-to-oomph ratio that makes my special places tingle, and rate a “11 on a scale of 1 to ass-kicking.” I seriously haven’t had this much fun listening to music in a long, long time." - Dennis Burger, HomeTechTell

Earlier this month, Dennis reviewed the A2 (or as he so affectionately calls her, Anne) and he fell in love with - almost - every aspect of this beloved new addition to the Paradigm SHIFT family. We encourage you to give his review a read if you are curious and considering to purchase 1, 2, 5, 7 or more A2s - it's a fun but thorough read.

Click here! to read Dennis Burger's review of the A2 at HomeTechTell.
Click here! for more information or to buy the A2 online.

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