December 20, 2011

"The MilleniaOne and MilleniaSub are impossible not to recommend strongly" - Silent PC Review


Mike Chin of Silent PC Review reviewed the Paradigm Reference MilleniaOne 5.0 speaker system with matching MilleniaSub and gave them a strong recommendation and the Editor's Choice stamp of approval. We would love to drop the whole review down right here on our blog but instead we've pulled some of the important highlights. Read on for Mike's thoughts...

"In any configuration, the Millenia speaker system has formidable style and sophistication, with an obvious heritage in classic audio gear, rather than computer speakers." 

"The MilleniaOne might be mistaken for a cheap computer speaker in a quick glance at this PR photo (above), but it actually looks way better, with a beautiful laquer white finish, integrated brushed aluminum stand, and a hefty weight of 3kg"

"The sound that emerged from the MilleniaOne was immediately arresting — detailed and clear, with excellent transients and imaging... a very neutral sound reproducer with excellent linearity and transient quickness."

"The result was strikingly good, even with so little tweaking: The bass was taut, deep and powerful, the transition from bass to higher frequencies quite smooth. It was not possible to localize the source of the bass... on well recorded program material, the entire wall came alive with music. In fact, the sound was good enough that I just became immersed in the music instead of analyzing the speakers... for many weeks."

"With the very first Bluray screening, the impact of the Millenia system was obvious: This is the best sound I've heard from my HT setup. Dialogue was more intelligible at both lower and higher volumes, the drama of musical scores considerably heightened, the ambient sound fields more involving, and sound effects more visceral."

"The Paradigm MilleniaOne and MilleniaSub speakers comprise a sophisticated, high fidelity speaker system which has been a pleasure to review. Used as a 3.1 or 5.1 speaker system with a good AV receiver and a large HDTV, the Millenia system delivers highly intelligible dialog, great sound effects, and all the drama of a movie soundtrack with excellent rendition of the sonic ambient."

"As a "pure" stereo 2.1 system, the Paradigm Millenia is formidable, challenging my excellent full-range NHT 2.9 speakers in many areas, with an involving sound stage, extended treble, highly detail mids, good dynamics through the full frequency range, and punchy deep bass."

"The user-friendly PBK room matching software ensures that you get the best from the speakers even if your room is not ideal, and the PT-2 wireless transmitter makes it a cinch to get the audio easily to the sub, without any extra wires, across a long distance." 

"That the Millenia system manages to deliver all this with such dimunitive stylish boxes is icing on the cake. The MilleniaOne + Sub is a setup I would seriously consider as a replacement for my big (unnamed) speakers. Downsizing the speakers so dramatically would free up space in the room to the delight of other family members, yet the change would not entail any reduction in musical fidelity; rather, it would bring some real gains in sonic performance."

 "All in all, the MilleniaOne and MilleniaSub are impossible not to recommend strongly."

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