December 6, 2011

Paradigm SHIFT A2... "a total knockout and a tremendous value too", says Digital Trends

Caleb Denison of Digital Trends reviewed the Paradigm SHIFT A2 powered speaker and not only did he give it Digital Trends "Editors' Choice" status, he also said:

"If there’s a better sounding sound solution under $500 out there, we haven’t heard it yet."

There are many other great quotes in Caleb's review, which we mention below, but first check out this video which takes a close look at the Digital Trends out-of-box experience with the Paradigm SHIFT A2 speaker...

To summarize Caleb's experience, here's a handful (ok two handfuls) of quotes taken from his review of the Paradigm SHIFT A2...

Out of the box:
"As we pulled the speakers from their boxes we found…well, not a lot actually. That’s the beauty of active speakers. All you really need is a power cord and some connecting cables."

"Our review pair came with the ash black grain finish which was well executed... the veneer had some real texture to it. The speakers do come with magnetic grills-and the grills are attractive enough-but we took them right off. These speakers are way sexier with grills removed."

"We gave the A2 speakers ample break-in time (about 40 hours), but they didn’t need it much. These speakers sounded great straight out of the box."

"The first thing that struck us was how detailed and controlled the high frequencies were. Often, with great detail comes great brightness, but Paradigm struck a balance with the tweeter that results in dazzling, detailed treble and superb dispersion without getting too excited."

"...with such remarkable warmth and resolution, we almost felt as if we were listening to a pair of large, floor-standing speakers. The primary difference here was that the A2 produced effortless, pin-point center imaging whether placed within two or ten feet of our listening position."

"Perhaps the A2’s most impressive attribute is their wide dynamic range...Even cranked up, the A2’s were able to pivot effortlessly and quickly between disparate volumes."

"The A2’s bass response is simply outstanding... punchy, taught, balanced, assertive, nimble and musical... Anyone doubting the bass capabilities of a 5.5-inch driver needs to hear the A2’s in action. While the A2’s response isn’t likely to upset the neighbors two doors down, it’s exactly what it ought to be; a perfect foundation for the music played over it."

"Paradigm’s A2 speakers are a total knockout and, at about $500 a pair, a tremendous value, too. Their limited quirks are easily out-shined by their superior build quality, unique connectivity features and fantastic sound. These speakers exhibit a high level of musical refinement that is an absolute feast for the ear. Though marketed toward aspiring DJs and music producers, these speakers will likely find audience with audiophiles everywhere. If there’s a better sounding sound solution under $500 out there, we haven’t heard it yet."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!
But we do encourage you to click here! to read the entire review. 
For more information on the Paradigm SHIFT A2 or to buy online, click here!

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