December 6, 2011

Paradigm Reference Signature S8 wins the 2011 Best High End Floorstanding Speaker! announced the annual "Best of Awards" for 2011 and the Paradigm Reference Signature S8 took home "Best High End Floorstanding Speaker"!

"The idea that an $8,500 per pair set of Paradigms can take on the likes of a Wilson WATT Puppy or Revel Ultima Salon2 would be considered audiophile blasphemy to some, but guess what – they not only compete, they win. You don’t necessarily have to spend $30,000 per pair to get one of the best, most highly engineered speakers money can buy. Thank you Paradigm."

To that we say, no, thank you Home Theater Review for recognizing that value is more important than a price tag when choosing true high-end speakers!

The Paradigm Monitor 7 Series 7 floorstanding speaker also got a mention in the category for "Best Affordable Speaker" coming in as the runner up.

"Paradigm knows value and the new Monitor 7s take their dedication for bang-for-your-buck speakers to a new level. More refined, better drivers and a meaningful dealer network only start to suggest why Paradigm is such an industry leader. At about $898 per pair, these speakers call to anyone looking for truly great sound on a budget."

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