March 15, 2012

"...consistently and surprisingly airy, spacious and transparent..." - S+V on the Paradigm SHIFT A2 speakers

Daniel Kumin of Sound + Vision recently posted a review called "Power to the Speakers: Three New Active Desktop Systems". In his review he tried out three powered speaker pairs from three different companies to see whether or not they "serve all your listening needs". One of three speakers chosen for the trio, was our Paradigm SHIFT A2 powered speakers and here's what Kumin had to say...

"The Paradigm Shifts’ sound is equally straightforward: dynamic, uncolored, and impressively extended. The A2’s reproduced pop and jazz bass with laudable impact and pitch-definition down to the lowest notes of the bass guitar...Music keying on smooth and extended treble, such as piano jazz trios or string quartets also sounded great"

"... the A2’s treble was consistently and surprisingly airy, spacious, and transparent...the Paradigms produced a volume of clean, still-dynamic, still-extended sound that listeners unfamiliar with powered speakers, and especially small powered speakers, struggled to reconcile with their visual input."

Daniel goes on to review the other two speakers in the mix and then reflects on his experience after having a chance to play around with all three. Here are his final thoughts...

"Which would I buy? All three...For a permanent in-room hi-fi setup the Paradigm Shift A2s impressed me as the most competitive with a high-end amp-and-mini-monitor combo... All three are tremendous values. And more are out there — with more still, doubtless, on the way. The revolution has begun. Power To the Speakers!"

 Click here! to read the full article on the Sound+Vision website.
Click here! for more information on the A2 and to buy online.

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