March 16, 2012

Paradigm Cinema Speakers give a "Pretty Cool" First Impression according to Audioholics

Audioholics wrote a preview on Paradigm's new and improved Cinema Speakers and their first impression is... "Pretty Cool"

In the preview write-up, Audioholics discusses the many Cinema models in detail and even outlined some Cinema system ideas by mixing and matching the à la carte options...

Cinema 5.1
"If you are looking for a first system for a smaller room, the Cinema CT 100 with five Cinema 100 speakers an a Cinema Sub will only set you back $1000."

Cinema 5.2
"If you went absolutely crazy, you could put together a 5.2 system with nothing but Cinema 400 speakers and two Cinema Subs for $2344. But even we think this would be overkill."

Cinema 7.1
"In a larger room with a trio of Cinema 400s, and two each of the Cinema 100s and 200s, plus a sub, you'd have a kicking 7.1 system for a dollar less."

Final Words... "It is clear Paradigm is looking to give consumers on a budget a lot of options... the newly improved Cinema speakers are sure to be a hit."

...To that we say, thanks guys!

Click here! to read the full article by Audioholics
Click here! for more information on the Paradigm Cinema line.

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