April 17, 2012

Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 2 earns Audioholics "Bassaholic Certified Extreme" Award

Josh Ricci of Audioholics took on the grand challenge of testing out our Reference Signature SUB 2 and not only did he give it top-notch ratings and the Audioholics "Bassaholic Certified Extreme" award, he also wrote a raving review that is engaging, detailed and simply put, well-written. We strongly encourage you to take some time to check it out (especially if you are in the market for a killer sub!) because Josh didn't leave any questions unanswered.

If you're looking for a reason to read the review in full, here are Josh's final thoughts and overall ratings:

"Unsurprisingly, neither output headroom nor deep bass extension is in short supply here and achieving Audioholic’s Extreme room size rating was no problem for Paradigm’s top bass maker. However impressive the substantial output capabilities of the Signature Sub 2 are even more impressive were its top quality finishing, attention grabbing appearance, surprisingly compact size and squeaky clean sonic performance with its contribution always remaining implacably neutral regardless of material or output level demands. Paradigm’s Signature Sub 2 provided a powerful, dynamic and engaging low end presence with reference quality and quantity, proving itself to be a truly statement level product." 

Click here! to read Audioholics review of the SUB 2 in full.
Click here! for more product information on the SUB 2.

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