April 19, 2012

Paradigm SHIFT E3m earbuds offer "stealth portability, deep low-end extension, warm sound and wallet friendliness" - EH

Bob Archer of Electronic House tried out our E3m earbuds and not only enjoyed the fact that they blocked out the painful dance/pop remixes at his daughter's dance class but also that they were reasonably priced too.

Here are a couple of  teasers from Archer's review...

"My initial impressions of the headphones were that they were comfortable to wear. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of ear buds because they never seem like they fit right. That wasn’t the case with the E3ms, however, which come with a choice of three fittings that all proved comfortable"

"Over time the ear buds did tighten up and that ripe upper bass evaporated. This trait lends warmth to its sound reproduction that extends through the midrange. The ear bud’s top end is extended with no hint of rolloff, and the E3Ms image well."

"Another factor I should point out with the E3ms is the ear buds’ ability to block out outside noise, thanks to their snug, yet comfortable, fit. Using my daughter’s Tuesday dance class as a backdrop the E3ms spare me the pain of having to hear the worst music man ever created (dance mixes of pop music should be outlawed). This is something that travelers will want to consider as airplane cabin noise can be highly distracting."

"Further enhancing the E3m’s attractiveness is its price point. I compared the E3ms to headphones that are much more expensive and it held its own."

"I’ve been using the E3m for a few months at work, at home and for other things and over time... If ear buds are your ticket to portable device audio bliss, check out the Paradigm Shift’s E3m. They offer a combination of stealth portability, deep low-end extension, warm sound and wallet friendliness."

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