April 24, 2012

"The Paradigm SHIFT E1 earphone excels in audio quality... remarkable sound for such an inexpensive IEM." - Touchtip

Touchtip reviewed our entry-level in-ear headphones, the Paradigm SHIFT E1, and had much praise to send our way! Here are some quotes straight from the review...

Design Aspects
"An immediate trait that pops right out when looking at the Paradigm SHIFT E1 earphones is the design of the earpieces. The wire also makes the earphones eye attractive. Paradigm has done a splendid job in distinguishing their line of earbuds from other companies."

"The Paradigm SHIFT E1 features ergonomically designed earpieces that allow it to be an easy pair of buds to wear... each eartip is color coded to distinguish between left and right quickly. This is something that no most earphone companies do but they should."

"For being a $50 earphone the E1 is a killer in terms of audio quality. After a few initial days of buring in and a good few months of testing the Paradigm SHIFT E1 lives up to its price point and even goes beyond it. It's clear and transparent all around and doesn't largely favor one single audio spectrum more."

"The E1 is a relaxing listening experience that doesn't strain the listener with one style more than the other. Bass doesn't have that drowning effect and is nicely impactful. Vocals sound just as clear as other instruments and sound lively. There's also good separation between the instruments and a decent soundstage. It's remarkable sound for such an inexpensive IEM."

"Even without wearing the Paradigm SHIFT E1 earphones over the ear they are comfortable. This is coming from a person who always wears IEMs over the ear. The E1 does a good job of staying in place... they seal pleasantly... makes them a good pair to use for an extended period of time."

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